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Aime Boucher

Famous winemaker Aimé Boucher established his winery in the heart of the Loire Valley vineyard in 1923, near the magnificent CHAMBORD castle.


In the past years, the Artner family business has made a name for itself by creating some of Austria’s best wines.

Chateau Jonquieres

Located just outside Narbonne (ancient capital of a Gallo-Roman province), Château de Jonquières stands in the middle of the Mediterranean scrubland.

La Picossa

La Picossa Mountain is 499 meters high and was most likely named after Pablo Picasso.

Le Val

Picked directly from our 'garden' of 42,000 acres, only the best grapes make it into the Le Val wines.

Louis Tete

The Domaine Louis Tête has been a reference in the Beaujolais region for 3 generations.


Lyngrove Vineyards are the classic example of quality grapes resulting in quality wines.

Ramon Roqueta

Bodegas Ramon Roqueta is the story of a winery very much in touch with its origins and its region.


The name "Synera" evokes the love and the pining that the poet Salvador Espriu felt for the town of Arenys, or as he called it Synera; the town his family came from and where the poet spent his summers.