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VA Round

The Origin

Event Date: 2017-09-01

On September 1st, InVivo Wine and Vinadeis, two of France’s leading agricultural companies joined forces with Compliance & Logistics specialist BGI and wine Sales & Marketing expert Vintage Epicure to form a new company: VINTNERS ALLIANCE.

VINTNERS ALLIANCE aims to become one of the industry’s most significant wine companies by maximizing the strength of its producer partners and building a global distribution platform for important market brands and small boutique estates development in the United States.

“Our strategy is to accelerate the emergence of a global player in the wine industry. From production and distribution to consumers, our goal is to provide a unique offer and solutions every step of the wine chain with wines from the most famous appellations in the best winemaking regions in the world, and to build a sales and marketing network on the main markets.” explains Bertrand Girard, InVivo Wine Chief Executive Officer. “After developing a strong network in Asia and Europe, we are now focusing on the largest wine market in the world: The USA. The platform we’re creating with Vintners Alliance will offer leading brands and unique services, guaranteeing our customers satisfaction thanks to efficient, competitive and value-generating solutions.

VINTNERS ALLIANCE provides extensive market knowledge and marketing support to its clients to enhance their performances on the US market. The new entity supports its producers with added benefits such as managing compliance, logistics, marketing and public relation services.

“Vintage Epicure and BGI have built a solid reputation by focusing on the needs of our producers. Now, as part of Invivo Group and Vinadeis we will be able to maximize this approach to better impact the market on behalf of our producer’s brands and our key partners” points out Richard Genova, President and Chief Operating Officer of the new company.

With headquarters in New City, NY and antennas in San Francisco, CA, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL and Washington DC, Vintners Alliance covers the entire territory of the USA with a solid base of relationships established by its founding members and a team of experienced sales managers.